Below I will describe a basic use of drivers in blender as the documentation on the wiki is not beginner-friendly.
in my latest project, i retopologised a model of the statue of Apollo, the sun god, rigged it, and wanted to animate his mouth to have the jaw rotation dependent on how open it is.
demonstration below:
here we see the "X" rotation of the jaw is dependent on its "y" location.
this can be done by right-clicking on the parameter you wish to be the driver and clicking "copy as new driver". After that, right-click on the parameter you wish to be driven and click "paste driver"
Demonstration below:
The parameters can also be modified with custom-scripted expressions.
let's say, for example, I'd like the jaw to rotate only for 1/10 of the amount it moves in the "y" coordinate. I'd use the following steps:
Right-click on the driven expression ("x" in my example), click on "edit driver" and change the type to "scripted expression". in the "expression" i would type "location/10".
demonstration below:
This tool can be used on a variety of different applications which can save a lot of time but is sadly a less-known feature in blender.
Hope you learned something new :)
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